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The 8 best tips for race day

Trackstaa gets you ready for the big day by giving you our top tips for race day.

The buzz of race day, the flutters of excitement you get in the pit of your stomach, gradually increasing in intensity, the unavoidable nerves that overwhelm you as you get closer to ‘go-time’, have, over the course of the global pandemic, dwindled into a nothing more than a memory akin to a vague dream. For almost all of us, it’s been far too long.

Now, this article isn’t designed to give you all the answers. In fact, much of the race day ritual is a bit of trial and error, maybe even a bit of superstition. Take our very own Alfie, for example, who religiously warms up for 14 and a half minutes, no more, no less, after he did it once and performed far above expectations. So, the point of these tips is not to tell you what you have to do, but just give you a bit of helpful guidance based on the things we’ve found useful. Mix it up, try different things and see what works for you.

Trackstaa’s top race day tips

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