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Ingebrigtsen Training method – 2020

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The reason insights into the Ingebrigtsen training method are so desired is due to the success of the three siblings; Henrik, Fillip and Jakob. Key focus is on the wonder kid, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, mainly due to his times as well as his double European gold medals over 1500m and 5000m at only 17 years of age.

From extensive research as well as help from some Norwegian athletes I have gained enough knowledge of their training routine to cover their training sessions and weekly schedule and reasons for what they do.

Ingebrigtsen Training methods

Thresholds – If you follow the Ingebrigtsen’s on social media it will come at no surprise that they do mainly treadmill thresholds. However, it may be surprising to know how often they do thresholds, as well as what types of threshold training, they do.

Determining threshold pace is most accurate when undergoing lab testing. Threshold pace can be calculated using Tinman’s training calculator which is useful when calculating training paces. To read a more about the benefits of threshold training click here for another Trackstaa article which we go into greater detail.

In a normal week the Ingebrigtsen’s will do 4-5 Threshold sessions. These sessions are done on Tuesday and Thursday morning and evening as well as Saturday evening. Some key Threshold training sessions of theirs are 5 x 6 minutes with 1-minute recovery and 10 x 1km with 1-minute recovery. These sessions are unique to normal threshold sessions. This is so they can keep track of their blood lactate levels.

Other types of sessions

Hills – The brothers usually do Hills on a Saturday as part of a double session day. This session is usually in the morning before a threshold in the evening. A typical hill session would be 2x10x200m at 800m effort with jog back recovery. Hill sessions are beneficial as they help develop strength and power. As well as maintaining a correct form when fatigued.

Strength training – To the best of my knowledge Ingebrigtsen’s do strength training on Sunday after a long run. I assume they also do core in the week, but this session is more weight prioritised. Gym increases strength and muscular endurance as well as reduces the risk of injury.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Long runs – They do a long run on Sundays which is usually between 20-25km these Long runs aren’t fast and usually vary between 3:40-4:10 per KM.

Easy runs – They fill the rest of the week with easy runs which vary in mileage. I’ve heard their mileage is mostly over 100 miles a week.

Track sessions – They do track sessions March-September in a normal season; however I do not know much about these. Before races they tend to do 300s at race pace.

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