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Christmas gifts for runners 2021

Buying Christmas gifts for family and friends is never easy. Especially when that family or friend is a runner. Fortunately we have you covered, with our top Christmas gifts for runners in 2021! There’s a varying price range so you can stay on a strict budget or break the bank with the running gifts.

Cheaper gifts

Parkrun ID

If your gift receiver is an avid park runner, the this is the perfect gift. Everyone who’s competed in Parkrun knows the struggles of keeping you ID safe. That worry is no more with a variety of parkrun products that keep your ID safe.

There’s wristbands, water bottles and keyring’s so you can keep your parkrun ID safe whereever you go.


They’re anti-chafe and that’s all we need to say!

Magnetic number pins

The use of safety pins for securing race numbers is outdated. It takes its time and mostly you end up redoing the full number because it doesn’t align the way you want it to. Well those worries are in the past! Race number magnets are strong, quick, convenient and cause no damage to your clothing, unlike safety pins that ridden your race kit with tiny holes.

Head Torch

Sometimes running In winter can be miserable. What makes it even worse is darkness restricting most of people’s favourite routes. Because of this they have to stick to the boring road loops where streetlights guide the way. A head torch is more beneficial than most people realise because it allows you to see anywhere anytime. Meaning you can run whenever you want, wherever you want.

Middle price range

Oofos recovery slides

Fun fact. Since more people have started working from home, foot and Achilles injuries have increased, due to most people going shoeless all day. This means your feet face more impact throughout the day, lacking the cushion from shoes.

Oofos slides are designed to absorb the impact. 37% more than your average footwear. Due to their breathability and convince, you can wear them in your home, after a run, to the shops and anywhere in between.


It’s the easiest way to hold items, like your phone, whilst running. This is a must for most runners, especially ones who run alone or for long distances. Flipbelt are the premium supplier in this Niche.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate is a metric most runners are interested in. However, looking at heart rate from a GPS watch is largely known to be inaccurate at times. If you want more accurate metrics, you need a chest strap. Tracking heart rate allows you to further understand your training and what effort you are running at. And somewhat give an insight into your current fitness levels.

Pulse Roll Roller

Recovery is often an aspect neglected by athletes. Which results in injury and feeling fatigued. That’s why a muscle roller is the perfect gift for runners, because they wouldn’t usually buy this themselves. The pulserolls’s vibrating feature adds an extra edge to your recovery game, promoting more blood flow and deeper massaging.

Recovery boots (Personal Favourite)

So, you see these extortionate recovery boots from the big brands advertised online. These are amazing, don’t get me wrong. But they cost upwards of £1000 in some cases. The RENPHO one’s certainly don’t look as glamorous but they really do the same job. RENPHO are the specific ones I use, almost daily at this point. They are easily the best recovery tool in the game, especially value for money wise.

PureSport Oil

CBD benefits have been the craze recently. There’s still a stigma around it, but I have no clue why. Pure Sport have the best lab testing, to ensure the CBD product you’re getting is the best on the market.

It helps with anxiety, sleep and recovery. A perfect gift for someone who struggles with any of those aspects.

Buy here

Massage Gun

Similarly to the recovery boots and the muscle roller. A massage gun promotes recovery through improving blood flow and massaging the tissue of the muscles with percussive therapy. But, with this product, it can be taken anywhere, with great convenience.

Don’t fall for the marketing of this product by big brands. Who always seem to have massive sales reducing their prices from £300 to £100. It’s a popular trend and you can get the exact same product from amazon for a fraction of the price. They are literally made from the same factory!

Expensive Gifts


Lockdown highlighted the importance of being able to adapt your training. With the dramatic rise in demand for treadmills over the last year, it’s only fair I put this on the list.

The best treadmills on the market (In our opinion) are the Noble pro treadmills. They have models to suit a range of abilities, as well as different technology specifications.

Even though they have technology like touch screens, Netflix/YouTube integration, control of the treadmill from your phone, custom built workouts and the ability to calibrate the treadmill pace. My favourite features are the built in fan and the suspension on the treadmill. There’s been an ongoing concerns that treadmills are bad for your joints, however, with the noble pro treadmills that can be put to rest because they have been specifically designed to have the feel on running on a athletics track. It is by far the most comfortable, natural feeling treadmill I have ever ran on.

Buy it here


Headphones/earphones are a runners best friend. Especially on those long winter grind runs. Listening to music and podcasts really makes solo runs mentally easier. You know what else is a runners best friend? Being safe! Aftershokz create the perfect match, be bone conduction headphones meaning you can hear your external environment as well as your music. This helps you stay aware of any cars as well as any other scary things that make noises.

Go pro

Ok, so this is a biased one, as an avid running content creator and consumer. A go pro, or similar camera’s allow you to film your running experience, whether that’s for keeping memories or making content. Either way its a great way to capture your running journey.

So, that’s the full list of our 2021 Christmas gifts for runners. If you want to help Trackstaa out, if you do purchase any of these products please use the links on this article. We get a small bit of commission meaning we can probably afford one pumpkin spiced Latte throughout the Christmas period.

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