Brooks Ghost 14 Review

Brooks Ghost 14 review
Brooks Ghost 14

The Brooks ghost has a huge following and it is one of the most popular running shoes on the planet. Popularity isn’t necessarily an indication of a good running shoe, but it certainly shows that runners come back and buy the shoe again.

The typical Brooks running opinion is that their shoes aren’t exciting and just do the job. Don’t get me wrong, the Brooks Ghost 14 100% does exactly what you’d want, but I also think it’s quite an exciting shoe.

It’s the smoothest, most natural feeling ride, I’ve ever had in a mileage shoe. And it has really made me rethink my opinion on Brooks running. I am a huge fan!

Brooks Ghost 14 Review 

The ghost is recommended to beginner runners and everyone up to the elite level because it is such a safe option. It’s the perfect mixture of firm and softness and is extremely stable for a neutral shoe. 

Running in it for the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised with the comfort and ease of transitioning through my stride. (For context I am a huge fan of high stack, soft running shoes, so the Brooks Ghost was something different). 

On day one, I did a double day equalling 30Km of volume. My first run was a flat 6:00 minute per mile for 20 Kilometres (Yes, I work in miles and kilometres). And the second run was 10K, a little hilly and a little easier. These varieties in pace, incline and terrain all felt amazing in the Brooks Ghost 14.


The foam surrounding the heel provides great comfort and support for your Achilles. In terms of comfort, I would say overall the Ghost tops the list of all running shoes.

The tongue isn’t gusseted, but I only had to read another Brooks ghost 14 review to even tell that it was an issue. I certainly didn’t notice any problems with the tongue or the shoe as a whole.

For previous Brooks Ghost users, in the Ghost 14 there has been a mesh improvement. It’s more breathable, a better fit and all around just better. 

“The Ghost 14 gets brand new flat laces which replace the old oval laces. I find that the flat laces distribute pressure more evenly and they make the entire lacing area flatter and more performance oriented.” (Runningshoeguru)


This shoe isn’t the answer on how to run a faster 5K. But what it will do is get you the distance in the most comfortable and saftest way possible.

New stuff in the Ghost 14 is that It now has a full DNA loft midsole compared to the 13 which only had half a midsole of the DNA loft. To be honest it feels very similar. The ghost 14 edges the previous version in softness.

A 36mm Stack height in the heel makes the cushioning impeccable, even with somewhat of a harder foam compared to what I’m used to in a mileage shoe (Fresh foam and Zoomx). Despite the high stack, it feels efficient in picking up the paces and can be used anyway between easy run pace down to a slower tempo run. 

Having done some more research, the ghost has a 12mm drop, which is generally on the higher side. I hadn’t noticed a significant drop, until reading the exact specifications. So if you are someone who prefers a lower drop then this may take some getting used to.


Honestly, anyone reading this, I suggest you buy this shoe. It’s one of the best shoes I’ve tested and isn’t as boring as people make out. Also, the boring stuff is most effective. You know what isn’t boring? Being able to run without injury. I think this shoe can put away any worries of footwear and impact related Injuries. Providing you’re recovering right with sleep and nutrition.


  • Comfort
  • Cushion
  • Reliability


  • Some reports of shorter durability than previous models  

Rated in comparison to other mileage shoes:

Type: Cushioned / Neutral
Length: Fits small / True to size
Width: Precision – Standard
Comfort: 5/5
Cushioning: 4/5
Support: 5/5
Breathability: 5/5
Responsiveness: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5


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We were sent a pair of Brooks Ghost 14s for the purpose of review and are not being paid to say anything about it. All our reviews are unbiased and completely truthful based off personal experience. 

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