Thank you for showing interest in producing content for our social platforms. As we progress in 2022 we want to focus more on athlete content and we see this as the best way to do that. As this becomes more popular we will be looking to start paying athletes who film for us too, so stay tuned.

Also, we are wanting as much content as possible, so please feel free to film whatever you can and we can figure out how to use it.

What we’re looking for

  • Horizontal filming – We need the filming to be landscape so it suits the YouTube format.

  • Introduction – Before the session we like to include some information on the athlete. So a clip of you talking about yourself, your personal bests, accomplishments, the session you’re doing today, the shoes you are wearing. Whatever you think is best to include. Anything else you want to include is welcome, we can always edit anything out so it’s best to include whatever you want.

  • The session – We know it can be hard to film solo sessions, so we are going to give two examples below on how we think it’s best to film if you have someone filming or you have to film yourself. Again, if you have any better ideas then feel free to do them.

With someone filming https://youtu.be/DXyNpVdY20g

Solo filming 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw_OqdOikD0&t=344s

Solo filming 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyYSheTd6NQ


  • We usually. receive footage using Wetransfer, it’s really easy to use, but if you can’t then we can arrange another way to send the footage across.
  • We ask that you also send across the splits of your session and where it was filmed. E.g 6×300 – 45 seconds with 60 seconds rest, London, England.
  • If it is your first video filming, we also ask if you could send us some information about you, so we can write a description and do a promotional post.
  • We also ask that you take some photos horizontally if possible, so we can use this as a YouTube thumbnail and promotion photo on Instagram.

For any other questions and to send videos to via Wetransfer, please use our email; [email protected].