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The Best Running shoes in 2022

In the current running shoe World there are so many new shoe releases, from countless brands, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s hype and what’s the real deal. Also, with prices constantly creeping up, it’s important to know the ones worth buying over the running shoe’s that are more of a marketing play. Like the “Nike Infinity run”, designed to prevent injuries or so they say. When their newer model the Nike Invincible is a much more effective shoe in doing that.

For this article I will be looking at the best running shoes in 2022 and which ones you should consider buying in relation to your running needs.

The best Mileage running shoe 2022

Nike Invincible run

There has been some mixed reviews on this shoe, and I don’t actually understand why. For me, it’s the perfect easy day and recovery day running shoe. There is nothing on the market that comes close to it’s bounce and support. It’s perfect for reducing the risk of injury, with so much impact limitation. This shoe is an enigma. It also works amazingly for recovery days because the Zoomx foam literally makes you feel better after a run than before.

Obviously with Nike zoomX the price tag is high and the zoomX foam isn’t the most durable. I’d still suggest that everyone buys this shoe!

Buy from Nike here.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10

So there is a newer version of this shoe. But the V10 is almost exactly the same. And it’s always on discount! The New balance fresh foam V10 is basically the less exciting sibling of the Nike Invincible run. Not quite as soft, not quite as bouncy, not quite as expensive. However, it’s slightly more stable, has a more breathable upper and is more durable. Link to buy.

The best training running shoe 2022

Mizuno Wave Rebellion

There hasn’t been much hyper surrounding this Mizuno shoe, but it really deserves a lot more credit. For anyone who has tried the Saucony Endorphin speed, it is almost an identical feel. The Mizuno Wave rebellion however possesses a more durable outsole and a slight advantage when going at the faster paces. Also the grip is phenomenal.

For those who haven’t tried the Saucony Endorphin speed, it is hard to describe how this Mizuno shoe feels because they have a different feel to any other training shoe that you can buy in 2022. It’s a natural feel, comfortable and the shoe just really helps you role through the motions.

Buy here

Adidas Adios 6

Adidas have almost seen like a lost cause in recent years. But with the Innovation of their super foam “light strike pro” and apparently the sudden ability to make great shoes again, there Adidas adios 6 is possibly the only shoe that fits the market description of “super flat”. It’s fast yet has enough foam for cushion and did I mention its FAST! This is now a personal favourite for me, when doing track sessions. The perfect shoe for when you want to go fast but don’t want to go into spikes.

The adios 6 currently stands alone in the training flat shoe market. It’s the only flat that utilises some of the super foam, without being a full on super shoe. There’s the Adidas Adios prime x, but their 50mm stack height doesn’t let that shoe fit within this category.

Buy the Adidas Adios 6 here

The best racing shoe 2022

Adidas Takumi Sen 8

Comparing it to the Vaporfly Next% 2

At last! A super racing flat that is Specialised for the shorter road distances. Mile to 10K on the roads.

For forefoot and mid-foot runners, without a doubt I believe the Takumi Sen 8 is the best shoe on the market for Mile road races to at least the 5K road distance. 10k I believe it still depends on preference and how fast you’re running.  

In my size a UK 10. The Vaporfly next% 2 is 216 grams and the Adidas Takumi sen 8 is 205 grams. I personally believe they’re similar width wise and the Takumi is more of an accurate fit than the usual Adidas shoe.

I love the Nike Atomknit on the Vaporlfy Next%2, but I honestly can’t compare the uppers because I have no faults for either. Maybe due to the Atomknits breathability in hotter temperatures or the longer distances it may be better but that’s a stretch.

Lightstrike pro and Zoomx are similar. Zoomx slightly softer, Lightstrike pro slighty more aggressive. I don’t have a preference. Sorry that’s not much of a comparison but both shoes are pretty much perfect based on the other shoes on the market. 

Hot take, I prefer Adidas’s carbon rods in comparison to a standard carbon plate. It seems more natural and flowing through your stride. Again, very similar. Adidas could save some more weight by getting rid of the continental rubber in the front of the shoe, as for me that only adds durability, and for a premium racer I don’t see the need for that. I prefer the shape of the Takumi sen 8 because on the outsole the vaprofly gets so wide at the front of the shoe.

Full YouTube comparison

Nike Next% 2

Obviously the Nike Vaporfly next percent was the industry leader by quite a margin. But then came along the Adidas Adios pro and the Asics Metaspeed sky to make the top level super shoe race a lot closer. But I’d honestly say the addition of the Vaporfly Next% 2 with the upper changes gave Nike the edge over the competition.

If you’re still yet to splash the cash on a super shoe, I would highly recommend you to. Even in some cases they may not make you any faster, especially in a 5K and 10K. But the way they reduce the battering your legs face in the race, I strongly believe their biggest benefit is in recovery and injury prevention. As well as helping you hold yourself together in the tougher stages of a race. That is mainly done through a great combination of a stiff Carbon plate and some mysterious “super” foam.

Buy from Nike

Thanks for reading The best running shoes in 2022. Let us know your thoughts on what is the best running shoe in 2022 so far.


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