The Best running shoes in 2022

This is a list of all the best running shoes in 2022, so far. This list will be updated when we believe a new shoe has earned the right to enter the list, so it will always be up to date with the best running shoes of 2022! So, what is the best running shoe in 2022? Let’s break it down.

The best running shoes in 2022

The Best Easy / Recovery run shoes 2022:

For an easy run shoe, I’m looking for a shoe that aids recovery whilst reducing impact.

Nike Invincible

The shoe itself has a few issues. The upper isn’t breathable and I occasionally get some rubbing. It is also not great at cornering. However, the full zoomx midsole allows you to recover on a level I’ve never experienced in any other shoe. Although, Nike market’s the Infinity react 3 as the shoe that prevents injuries. It is the Nike Invincible we believe does this best.

Other options: New balance more v3, Asics Gel Nimbus 24

The best Daily Trainer in 2022:

For a daily trainer you want something that can do a bit of everything. If you want to go for an easy run, then no problem. If you want to go a bit faster, it can handle that too. This is the running shoe I would suggest new runners buy first.

The Asics Novablast 2 is the perfect combination of cushion and responsiveness. You can pick up the paces as well as taking this shoe for an easy run. Some people have told me that they experienced stability issues with this shoe. Although I haven’t had these issues, I can understand why some may do.

Other options: New balance 1080 v12, Nike Pegasus 39, Brooks Ghost 14, Saucony Ride 15

Brooks Ghost 14 Review

The best Tempo shoes/threshold shoes in 2022:

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is arguably the most consistent shoe on this list in terms of everyone enjoying it.  It has a natural ride, that is extremely comfortably. Not the mention the plastic plate that suits a training shoe so well! There’s a reason this shoe is often regarded as the best training shoe on the planet. Because it is near perfect for its purpose.

Other shoes: New balance fuel cell tc, New balance rebel v2, Nike tempo next%, Brooks Hyperion tempo.

No spikes training

Note this is where I wear supershoes

The Nike Streakfly is the perfect no spiked training shoe for when you want to go to the faster paces on the track without spiking up. The foam is the softest compound of zoomx and is really forgiving. It allows you to pick up the paces whilst still giving your comfort and damage protection a super shoe provides, but without the issues of a carbon plate.

Other shoes: Adidas Adios 6, Saucony Endorphin Speed 2, Nike Tempo next%

Nike Streakfly

The best 5K and 10K Running shoes in 2022

Asics Metaspeed Sky. Surprised I’m not saying the Nike Vaporfly next% 2? Well, I am too. But the fact is, we just prefer the Metaspeed sky. In my opinion it’s very marginally better. But, in all honesty this shoe and the other options, I think you’ll run the same time on race day.

Other shoes: Adidas Takumi sen 8, Nike Vaporfly next% 2, Adidas Adizero Adios pro-2

The best Marathon running shoes in 2022

It is in fact the Nike Alphafly Next% that is statistically the best marathon shoe. Based off data on Oxygen consumption data. Most people feel uncomfortable with the bubble, which is why it’s not the most popular marathon shoe. But, it still remains statistically the best. And if the marathon GOAT Eliud Kipchoge wears it, it has to be good.

Other shoes: Asics Metaspeed sky, Nike Vaporfly next%, Adidas Adizero Adios pro 2

Note I haven’t included the new puma line up purely because I haven’t tried it.

Spikes training

Adidas Avanti/Nike dragonfly

The best track spikes in 2022

Adidas Avanti/Nike dragonfly

In both cases, super spikes that are very similar.

Note the new balance Fuelcell LD x and Asics metaspeed LD? Aren’t included because they’re so limited. So, if Asics and new balance are listening, please send me some shoes!