Hospital hill

One of my most brutal sessions that me and my coach try to get done once every three weeks in winter and then a few times in track season to keep up the strength work.

An integral part of my training resides in hillwork. It’s a big belief to me and my coach that being strong all year round is one of the most important things. Speedwork is great and is pretty much on par with strength work however if you aren’t strong enough to get to 11 laps of a 5k with the leaders, that sprint finish to win a race isn’t that important. By the same token, if you can’t kick with the front guys at the end of a race then speed work is crucial.

This session consists of 0.6 miles of steep uphill running followed by 0.6 miles of undulating road. The main aim of the session is to be able to grind the uphill and be able to pick up once you hit the flat, while dealing with the lactic from the hill. It’s awful. Nonetheless it’s one of those sessions that I credit the most in terms of mental toughness. there’s times where your legs are tired and you feel as though you’re jogging uphill but you just have to get through it and give yourself hell. Usually I’d do 5 or 6 x1.2 miles however with it being track season we reduce it to 3. The recoveries consist of jumping in my coaches car at the end of a rep, driving back down the hell which takes about 90 seconds, then running back up straight away.


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