Trackstaa partners with Pure Sport CBD and takes a look at some of the research behind the much acclaimed CBD Oil.

Pure Sport CBD 1500mg oil and CBD Muscle and Joint Balm

What is it?

In an article published in The New York Times in February 2019, journalist Dawn MacKeen estimated that the new found popularity of CBD oil would lead to the industry being worth $16 billion, in the United States alone, by 2025.

It’s a product used by some of the world’s most famous people, Kim Kardashian West and Bubba Watson, former US Masters Champion to name just a couple. Cannabidoil (CBD) comes from the same plant as the other better known derivative tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the drug that is found in cannabis and will show up on drug tests for both athletes and work-place tests, but it is absolutely not the same substance.

When a person takes CBD oil, it interacts with the natural endocannabinoid system which is influential in controlling the body’s reactions to inflammation, pain, sleep and stress.

What does it do?

CBD is now a relatively well-researched product and claims to reduce anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also has significant medicinal benefits too and some CBD drugs have been approved even by the USA Federal Drugs Administration to treat conditions like seizures.

That said, it would also be fair to say, that a significant amount of the research behind the effects of CBD is anecdotal. In other words, people who have used it as an oil or balm, extolling it as one of the leading causes of their miraculous recovery. Why is this important? Well it is not always easy to determine whether or not the effects are the result of the product or the placebo effect.

Can it help your running?

You’re no doubt reading this article wanting to know whether it’s a product worth investing in to improve your running. The calming effects of CBD oil are said to inhibit levels of cortisol in the blood that will rise during intense activity, this inhibition allows muscles to recover quicker.

Equally, nobody wants to run when their mind is racing, anxious and in some cases depressed. CBD oil, particularly when mixed with other natural ingredients has been demonstrated to reduce stress and have a positive impact on mindset.

We have teamed up with Pure Sport CBD to explore the further benefits of CBD oil. Pure Sport are experts in the application of CBD oil and they state that in endurance running particularly it can help improve sleep and improve the body’s ability to recover after a punishing long run, allowing you to feel fresh and ready for more long runs and who doesn’t like long runs?

Even if you’re not a person who runs for miles and miles and are perhaps a casual runner, Pure have Sport’s BOOST Oil can reduce inflammation, encourage healthy cognitive function and support immune systems to cope not only with ordinary life but also the efforts involved with getting your shoes on and getting out of the door.

Overall health

It’s not just about running though because it’s a product which can support a healthy lifestyle more generally which in turn will make you a happier person and a better runner. For example, the CBD muscle and joint balm can be applied directly to any area of soreness soothe painful areas and help you recover quicker for the next run.

How to use it

As with any supplement or indeed anything you put in your body, the amount required to result in any noticeable changes will differ from person to person. You have to try different doses to find your sweet spot. We’ve started with the recommended dose of around 0.4ml during the day to calm and focus our minds ready for the day ahead and then a second larger dose of around 0.7ml before bed time.

It takes about 30 minutes before you feel the effects of the oil if you drop it directly onto your sublingual glands. It’s likely to take a little more if you prefer to drop it in your coffee for example.

Where to buy it

The key thing with any supplement is confidence; confidence that you’re getting what you think you’re buying. That’s why we work with Pure Sport because they’re industry pioneers in ensuring that the CBD they sell is absolutely safe and completely and totally free from any THC at all. They test every single batch of every single product with the world-leading Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) which is used by athletes world-wide. You can even access the lab reports online.

You can browse the product range here, and for an exclusive 20% discount, use the unique code: “Trackstaa20”

International customers benefit from a flat-rate £6.99 delivery charge which is unmatched anywhere.

Should you buy it?

As with anything, you might not find it works for you but you’ll only know that if you try it. We have been genuinely mind-blown by the impact its had on our sleep, stress levels and recovery after only a few weeks of using the product and we urge you to see if it can help you too.

As ever at Trackstaa we only ever endorse with products we’ve tried; products we love and partner with companies who share our goals to help improve performance and grow the wonderful sport of running and athletics.

Check out Pure Sport and their very special Pure Sport Run Club at @PureSportCBD and @PureSport_RunClub