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Saucony Triumph 20 Review – Wow!

Saucony Triumph 20 Review

The Saucony triumph 20 is a great combination of lightweight and cushion, which provides an unrivalled comfort I’ve not felt in a Saucony ‘nonsuper’ shoe before and positions the triumph 20 up there with the best easy run and daily trainers like the Nike Invincible and the Asics Novablast 3. This review will be based off the experience of the first 50 miles I ran in the Saucony Triumph 20, which involved some longer easy runs, a steadier/tempo pace and hill reps. I need to admit I’m a huge fan of max cushion shoes, due to their leg saving properties, so please note, the more cushion I have in the shoe, the more I love it. And I love the Triumph 20.

The best shoe comparison is imagining the Brooks Ghost series, but softer and more cushion. It’s a very similar ride in terms of the upper and stability which the much-loved Brooks Ghost provides. Any Saucony fans out there, my previous Saucony shoe I reviewed was the Saucony ride 15, which in my opinion the Triumph 20 is.


There’s not much to write here. The upper has nothing fancy, but also has absolutely nothing wrong with it. No rubbing, no hotspots and it hugs the feet well, whilst not putting too much pressure into the foot. Although weight could be saved by possibly adding a thinner upper, it for sure isn’t something I believe the shoe really needs and is more an after though on how I would try to make it even better.

Upper rating: 3.5 / 5 – No issues at all, a good comfy upper.


A soft and cushioned midsole is what I look for in an easy run shoe and the Suacony triumph 20 certainly provides that. The PWRRUN+ foam from saucony has been improved to be lighter, whilst being even more energy efficient. A softer foam which is energy efficient improves recovery and saves the legs on easy runs, which should help you feel fresher for the next hard day, as well as reduce the likelihood of impact injuries. 

With high stack shoes, you usually compromise stability, however, the triumph 20 is remarkably stable for a neutral shoe and I noticed zero stability issues. 

Midsole rating: 4.5 / 5 – Responsive, lightweight, very impressive


Lots of rubber, which makes the ride slightly firmer than what it would be (which is still soft) but adds a lot of durability. Theres not much to write here, a very durable outsole which also has a good amount of grip. That’s really all that matters for the outsole.

Outsole rating: 4 / 5 Durable 


Overall, one of the top max cushion shoes, the one I’d recommend to new runners and most people. This is due to the stability as well as, like the brooks ghost, it does exactly what you need it to, without any areas of concern. A reliable, durable, and great cushion running shoe.

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We were given this shoe for the purpose of review, but no one from Saucony influenced anything I said, and no one previewed this review before release.

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