Trackstaa reviews the premium performance products from Australian company, PREMAX Performance Skincare.

It’s the largest organ in the body but its role in our performance is often overlooked. How often is our attention drawn to our muscles, our heart-rate or bones when it comes to analysing our running performance – everyday? One thing we never think about however, is our skin and how caring for it might help improve our performance.

To fill that void stepped Randall Cooper, the founder of PREMAX Skincare. Randall is a physiotherapist and is described on the PREMAX website as a ‘sports skincare pioneer’. PREMAX was founded in 2006 after the athletes Randall worked with constantly complained that the creams and lotions that were available to support the treatments they received hindered rather than helped their performance.

Now, with the help of chemical engineers and suppliers at the cutting edge of product innovation, PREMAX have produced a unique range of products to optimise the performance of not only the world’s best athletes, but every one of us simply striving to improve. 

PREMAX kindly provided us a selection of their products to test and review. As ever, we were not paid to try their products and nor have they told us what to say. What follows, is our honest assessment. 

Product range

Before giving you our views, a bit on their product range. With new and exciting products on the horizon, the current offering from PREMAX includes:

  • Chamois Cream – PREMAX’s chamois cream for men and women, is for you cycling (very nearly a swear word on Trackstaa, that) enthusiasts. It comes loaded with natural anti-bacterial and skin nourishing essential oils. 
  • Anti Friction Balm – a solution that claims to provide the ultimate in chafing and blister protection whilst being clothing safe.
  • Weather Defence Facial Cream – this is a cream designed for exercise. It protects the skin and keeps it moisturised during cold weather, wind and driving rain or snow. 
  • Warm Up Cream (Formula EP5) – A unique product designed for high-end sport, and it includes 5 key elements: sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, caffeine, warming properties and other natural ingredients.
  • Sports Sunscreen – The PREMAX OG product, it’s a specially formulated solution for exercise, is SPF 50+ and has a 4-hour water and sweat resistant formula. 

Our verdict

So, we were provided with 4 of the PREMAX products: Anti Friction Balm, Warm Up Cream, Weather Defence Cream and Sunscreen. 

Anti Friction Balm

Of all the PREMAX products, this is possibly my favourite. Despite regularly running over 80 miles per week, whenever I have applied it, which is before most longer runs or harder workouts, I have never experienced any blisters or any form of chafing. Most importantly of all, it does what it says it will do. It minimises friction and completely removes the risk of chafing or blisters. I regularly complete runs of up to 25km which can last up to an 1 hour, 45 minutes if I’m running steady and I never had to stop for any reapplication.

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay the Anti Friction Balm, however, is that I genuinely don’t even notice it’s there. It’s not sticky, oily, or heavy feeling. It’s just an invisible layer of defence that works away in the background without me even noticing. It’s also completely friendly on my clothes and has never stained any of my running shorts or socks.

The ‘tip’ applicator is also handy, works well and stops you getting the balm on your hands unlike so many other of these ‘performance’ creams. 

Warm Up Cream (Formula EP5)

For those of you wondering what Warm Up Cream is, the closest thing I can of which can give you an idea of the sensation you get when you rub it into your muscles is ‘Deep Heat’. Many people will have heard of Deep Heat and whilst I would say PREMAX’s Warm Up Cream is aiming for a similar effect, it is far far superior in almost every way. 

Firstly, Deep Heat can be exceptionally uncomfortable if too much is applied, particularly if it inadvertently touches more sensitive areas. Don’t worry this is a family friendly article! In any case, I am happy to report that with PREMAX Warm Up Cream there was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable and instead was treated to a wonderful warming sensation that starts very mildly and builds up until your legs feel like you’ve run a 3k warm up in joggers. 

Particularly on the colder, darker days back in January and February I nearly became addicted to the feeling this gave me stepping out of the door ready for a run. I could not recommend it more and it compliments a proper warm up routine perfectly, leaving you feel fresh, warm, supple and ready to hit a hard workout or long-run. I can also see this being ideal pre-race when you’re keen to get an extra edge and that much desired boost just before toeing the start line.

Weather Defence Cream

This was a regular favourite of mine and is particularly handy in England, particularly on the hills in Sheffield where it can get quite windy.  One concern I had prior to using this was whether it would be too thick for exercising in, causing me to sweat more, whilst being substantial enough to provide worthwhile protection. I was not disappointed; PREMAX have got the formula spot on here. 

I really noticed after I got back from my run and had washed my face that my skin felt moisturised and smooth and not the dried-out piece of rubber that’s usually what’s left after a wet and windy long run. 

I also found that my blemishes on the skin on my face cleared up rapidly after only a few uses which proves that whilst preserving the skin’s natural moisture it doesn’t clog up pores and give you another problem to worry about.


Okay, admittedly, this is one I used the least. Mostly because the weather throughout the UK for the first few months of 2021 has been appalling. However, I have used it a couple of times. The main thing with sunscreen, in my experience, is that its light, doesn’t run when you sweat or get caught in a rain shower and doesn’t clog up pores as they naturally open as your skin heats up with exercise.

So far so good, as I said, it’s perhaps too early in the year to say definitively but thus far I have been impressed. Particularly with the lightweight feel it has when rubbed in to the skin.


Overall, my awareness of my skin has increased dramatically since using PREMAX’s products. I’ve been able to recognise the benefits these unique products, backed by solid science have to offer. 

I have been hugely impressed by not only them doing exactly what they claim to do, but doing it in a way that’s comfortable and, crucially, compatible with high-intensity exercise. At no point, did it feel like I was wearing creams and I think this is the highest praise I can give these PREMAX products. The input from elite athletes is clear to see, they are so suited to elite competition that I will have no issues using them on race day when I need to rely on all my equipment to give me confidence to run my best.

I’m a convert, unquestionably, to the importance of looking after your skin and recognising that caring for it properly can have performance advantages and to achieve this aim, look no further than these brilliant products from PREMAX.

To shop the full range of PREMAX Skincare products, click here.

Excitingly, new products are due to be launched this summer so keep your eyes on Trackstaa for exclusive news on how to get your hands on these great products.