After, for the most part, loving the turbo 1’s, i was excited to get my hands on the turbo 2’s. The first turbo was marketed to be an everyday training shoe, which you could do your milage in, as well as faster sessions. I found this to be true with the Turbo 1, as the thickness of support at the back of the shoe, surrounding the achilles was sufficient for longer runs, but not too heavy.

However, the turbo 1 seemed heavier and less responsive in comparison to the Nike streak 6. Overall, I still preferred the Turbo 1 over the streak, but something seemed to be missing.

The pegasus turbo 2, appeared to fix the issue of weight and responsiveness, with much less support around the achilles. For me, this fixed one problem and created a new one. The turbo was now seemingly much faster but had too little support to be able to do more than just session miles. Living in an area which is extremely hilly, it often makes running downhill an unpleasant experience.

Saying this, i know people who have never had achilles issues in the past, really enjoying doing all their mileage in the Turbo 2. Which in my case wouldn’t be possible.

As a training shoe; doing quicker sessions to longer tempos, the turbo 2 is only beaten by the Vaporflys. Because of this i think it is the best Nike shoe on the market if you’re a middle to long distance runner looking for a shoe which has great range for training. If you have had achilles issues in the past, maybe opt for the zoom fly or turbo 1 over the turbo 2, but other than that the turbo 2 is the best option.


Pros: Fast/responsive shoe (with more support than the streak), you can do your longer miles in them, comfy for a training shoe

Cons: Not much support around the Achilles, no carbon fibre plate benefits, the zoom x/ react combination tends to split after a few hundred miles.