In this article we take a look and assess the latest information about Nike’s newest racing shoe, the Nike Streakfly.

The Nike Streakfly has been rumoured to be released for a long time. This has only increased the anticipation for this fast racing shoe. We believe this shoe is a successor of the Nike Streak series, which seems a little outdated with the introduction of super foams. In Nike’s case that is the Zoomx, which we see in shoes such as the Nike Vaporfly Next%, Nike Alphafly, Nike tempo Next%, Nike Pegasus Turbo and the Nike Invincible.

Nike Streakfly 2022

What we know about the Nike Streakfly

It has no carbon plate. Since the dawn of supershoes the focus has been on a carbon plate. Although this is quite an old concept, more focus should be on the foam, rather than the plate. So this isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The most popular track spike on the planet (The Nike Dragonfly) has no carbon plate in it. So don’t let this news put you off this new Nike racing flat.

It’s extremely light. And we mean extremely unequivocally light. 160 grams (5.6 ounces), which is 36 grams lighter than the best racing flat on the market at the minute, The Adidas Takumi sen 8. What does the Nike Streakfly being so light mean? In theory a more efficient, faster road racing shoe. It also creates a perfect mixture for a fast training shoe when you might not want to go into spikes and save your legs.

32mm stack height. With a 6mm drop. I have no idea what this means. The Takumi sen 8 is a 33mm stack height with a 6mm drop. And from first hand experience I can tell you that feels perfect for a fast 5K and 10K racing flat.

Streakfly releases in March (with a rumoured pre-release on February 23). Nike have been testing this shoe for years, with rumoured releases dating back to the start of 2021. When we did the first article about this shoe. But this time, this release date seems set in stone. Nike trusted Ben Crawford’s New generation track and field, along with Cooper Teare and the Newburry Park high school running team to market the Nike streakfly in a video. That means we are getting close.

The foam will be zoomx. Whether this is the exact same composite as their other zoomX models we don’t know. But from speaking to the New generation track and field guys, they’ve said it feels like the Nike dragonfly in road form.

The pictures we have seen suggests that it has an upper material similar to the AtomKnit found on the Alphafly, the tongue appears to have undergone a complete redesign and the lockdown lace system seems similar to the Alphafly too.


Let us know your predictions on this shoe’s capabilities in the comments below and how you think it will compare to Nike’s existing range of road racing shoes. Also, send us your thoughts on how the anticipated shoe will hold up against Adidas’ ‘Super Shoes’, specifically, the Adidas Takumi sen 8. And now a new fan favourite, The Asics Metaspeed sky. As well as how you think this shoe will compare to the new New Balance super racing flat. The new balance SC pacer.

Nike Streakfly