Nike Zoom fly 5

Nike have dominated the performance running shoe game since the dawn of supershoes half a decade ago. However, in recent years most top running brands have been catching up. In fact, some areas I would argue other running brands are ahead in terms of shoes they have to offer. Especially in the training category, with the Adidas Prime x outclassing any training shoe Nike has to offer. Which after the Pegasus turbo 2 was discontinued are the Nike Tempo next% and the Nike Zoomfly 4. Although these shoes are good, I wouldn’t say they’re up to the standard of Nike’s racing shoes or other brands training shoes.

But! This could be where things change. Nike’s biggest strength is Zoom x foam and what does the Nike zoom fly 5 have? Zoomx foam!

So, what does it feature and why is it good?

Full length Zoomx Scrap. This is new to the zoom fly 5 because in the past it has been react foam. In my eyes this is a drastic upgrade. Zoomx is Nike’s superfoam and every single shoe it was been featured in it provides the cutting edge of what makes that shoe great. It’s biggest strength in my eyes is the impact reduction it causes, reducing damage to your legs. This is ideal for a training shoe.  One thing to note is that the zoomx scrap is recycled from leftover recycled material or previous foams and although we haven’t tried it there is reports it’s slightly firmer. 

SR-02 carrier foam has been used in the Nike Vomero 15/16 before and it is a firmer foam that provides more durability, which is what you want for a training shoe because you’ll be doing more miles than a racing shoe.

The full-length carbon plate. In an industry that Is now dominated by carbon shoes, I don’t think we really need to explain the benefits of a carbon plate. But for anyone who doesn’t know as the foam compresses the force on the carbon plate is what causes the push forward you feel in super shoes.

Updated silhouette that’s connected to the Vaporfly and Alphafly. This includes a wider forefoot and heel to provide stability and transition. This is good because it just ensures a more comfortable ride and creates a more versatile shoe. That you would be able to take for a wider variety of training paces. Because most supershoes feel uncomfortable at slower paces.

Major difference between the previous Nike zoom fly 5 model

The most important difference is the zoomx foam compared to react. In my opinion that will be the difference between me choosing to buy the shoe and not buying the shoe. I’m not a fan of react foam, so the zoomx foam is a very welcoming feature in the new model.

The zoom fly 5 is not the only new model we are expecting from Nike. There is also the Pegasus turbo nature?  Also featuring the zoomx scrap. So this seems to be a theme Nike like using. Truthfully for both shoes we haven’t seen any athletes testing them yet, so it is unclear on how they perform, and we haven’t seen a definitive release date for either.