Nike Alpahfly Next% 2 Review


Nike have dominated the super shoe market and the innovation in this new model, will only add to their reign at the top. The Alphafly Next% 1 has shown in lab testing to be the most efficient super shoe on the market, although popularity has always seemed to be on the side of the Nike Vaporfly next%. The Alphafly Next% 2 feels on a completely new level, and I can confidently say, in my opinion, there isn’t a debate on what the best road racing shoe is, because it is clearly the Nike Alphafly Next% 2. 


The atomknit upper, like the first version, is as breathable and lightweight as it gets. It snuggly fits around your foot meaning there’s no excess material or bunching. The laces are the same as previous, with the unique indentations reducing the chances of them coming undone. 


This is where most of the magic happens. Firstly, a full zoomx midsole creates a sublime energy return, even more so in the Alphafly 2, which to me, feels like the biggest leg saver to date. The shoe is extremely comfortable with the high stack cushion and the bubble in the forefoot creates a fast push off which is great for when you’re wanting to crank up the paces. There’s also some zoomx under the bubble, which is different to the first version. This feels to add even more of a pop when transitioning through your stride.

A noticeable aesthetic difference is the indentations throughout the heel area, as well as a squared off back of the shoe, rather than a pointy back. This seems to save a few grams of weight. 


Quite a big change in the outsole from the first version. It seems like the outsole is where the weight saving has come into play. Firstly, a complete redesigned grip in the forefoot caused no issues at all when testing this shoe. I deliberately picked a road loop with tight corners and the Alphafly 2 feels impossibly light and agile for its size even when taking turns.

Is there any comparison? 

I don’t think so. It’s without a doubt the best shoe I’ve ever worn. From distances 10K and upwards I don’t think there’s a contest. 

Differences between 1st and 2nd version

2nd version feels noticeable lighter on foot despite being slightly heavier , 2nd version is slightly more aggressive, zoomx foam underneath the bubble adds an extra bounce.

Comfort 5/5

Cushioning 5/5

Support 5/5

Breathability 5/5

Responsiveness 5/5 

Overall – 6/5 (no this isn’t a typo, it’s just that good)

Sizing is true to size for both width and length. Typical with other Nike models.