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New Balance Rebel V2 Review – The shoe of the year 2021

New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V2 Review

The New balance Rebel v2 has seen the best glow up in history. It is firmly one of the best running shoes of 2021, as well as one of the best workout running shoes on the planet. Comparing this to their first version of the Rebel is like comparing fire and water. They are different in every aspect and the 2nd version is countless times better than its predecessor. New Balance Rebel v2 review.


This part features possibly the only downfall of the shoe. There’s no extra lace holes if you want to do the “runner’s knot” which helps improve lockdown at the ankle. I am someone who has a mixed preference on when I use the runner’s knot and I don’t feel like it’s needed for me in this shoe. But some people who always use that specific knot should be cautious.

Breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Three words which sum up the shoe’s upper perfectly. For it’s purpose as a training shoe, I would not change anything. It’s exactly what you’d want. There’s a mesh around most of the shoe, then around the ankle and heel there’s more of a sturdy material. Which accompanies a stiffer back to add some extra heel support.


The softest foam I have ever ran in. And it’s not even close. And there’s lots of it. I would say if you prefer low stack, aggressive shoes, then avoid this shoe at all costs. But if you actually like good running shoes then I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

Despite it being extremely soft, there is still a good amount of energy return so it can cope at faster paces. I exclusively use this shoe for tempo and threshold runs as well as pre race shakeouts and strides. But if you were looking for an all around shoe, the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V2 can definitely do that. I’d say it shares most similarities with the Pegasus turbo 2, if you added a lot more spongeiness.

My only concern is because of it’s extreme softness, the outsole could not be very durable in terms of wear. If you take it on trail or gravel there’s probably a higher risk of ripping the foam, then in a usual shoe. I stay on the track, road, treadmill, grass or any compact surfaces.

what/who is it for

Honestly, I think this shoe suits absolutely everyone. Maybe not someone who’s just started running for the first time and only want one shoe. Just because I think that would be better getting a typical mileage shoe. But any ability can find some use for this shoe, as it is up there with the most versatile shoes on the market. Once you try the fuel cell foam, it’ll reinvent your entire opinion on running shoes.

As mentioned I use this for Threshold training, Tempo training, easy runs and strides. But it’s only limited to that because I use the Nike Vaporfly Next% for most track sessions faster than threshold. If you only wanted one shoe, the rebel is more than capable of all your training requirements.


Extremely soft foam

Comfort throughout

Good energy return



No ability to “runner’s knot”

Durability questions on the outsole

New balance fuelcell Rebel v2 review final rating : 9.3/10

To get to a 10, I’d want more durability and possibly more aggression with some form of plate. And of course the ability to runners knot.

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