Ingebrigtsen training

The most common questions we get asked are; What’s Eliud Kipchoge’s training? What is Joshua Cheptegei’s training? But most of all it’s what is the Ingebrigtsen training methods. More specifically, what is Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s training methods. Within this article we hope to bring light upon one of the holy grails of track and field. Which is what are the Ingebrigtsen training secrets.

After a lot of help from Norwegian trackstaa follower’s, as well as intensive research. We hope we can give the most accurate representation of the Ingebrigtsen training we can.

Ingebrigtsen training methods

ingebrigtsen training method

Ingebrigtsen training threshold 

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is active on social media and if you follow him you’ll know he trains on a treadmill. ALOT! We can only assume this is because a treadmill is a much more controlled environment, so the Ingebrigtsen’s can more accurately run at the right effort.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen has shared some insights into their threshold training. The Ingebrigtsen’s are known to do multiple sessions in one day. When they double threshold, they tend to keep their blood lactate levels at 2.5 in the morning and closer to 3 in the night session.

The structure of their threshold sessions, usually follows the same principles. Shorter interval thresholds, than your typical athlete but ensuring blood levels remain within a certain range. They do this by taking blood samples throughout the session.

In a typical week the Ingebrigtsen’s may do 4-5 threshold type workouts. Three sessions which seem to be common (to the best of my knowledge) are: 5×6 minutes threshold with 60-90 seconds recovery, 10×3 minute threshold with 60 seconds recovery & 25x400m with 45 seconds to 60 seconds recovery. (The recoveries may be slightly off  so we’ve added a range of times)

Ingebrigtsen training hills

 Hills are normally incorporated within winter training, from around November time. A typical Ingebrigtsen hill workout consists of 2x10x200m hills with jog down recovery. The effort of the hill reps are stride effort, where the main focus is good technique. Hills are usually part of a double session day, with a threshold as the other session,

Ingebrigtsen strength training

With not much information on this subject, I can only go off what I’ve been told by a Norwegian athlete. The Ingebrigtsen’s do strength training on Sunday, after a long run. I assume they also do strength and conditioning throughout the week. The Sunday session however, is more weights focussed.

Ingebrigtsen Long runs

Despite their high weekly mileage. Their long run is nothing to be fantasised about. Usually varying between 20k-25k within a pace of 3:40-4:10 kilometres. Their long run is purely to do some easy running, for aerobic training.

Easy runs

The Ingebrigtsen’s take their easy runs seriously. Rumours have said they walk up hills if they are too steep. This distance varies between 8k-15k.

Ingebrigtsen Track sessions

Despite the 400m threshold session. Most track sessions are at race pace. Two common ones are 10x400m at 1500m pace, with 60-90 seconds recovery & 10×300 at the same pace/recovery.

In the build up to a race, a typical workout would be a short bit of threshold training. Followed by some 300m/200m at 1500m pace. E.g 2×2 minute threshold, 3x300m, 5×200.

Ingebrigtsen drills

The Ingebrigtsen’s often do drills after their easy runs. This is to focus on improving technique. You can find many drills and core exercises by the Bowerman track club, on Gwen Jorgensen’s youtube channel.

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