After predominantly wearing Nike pegasus’ for the majority of my runs, two years ago I decided to take a “risk” and try out a different brand. That brand being Hoka. This was after countless recommendations as well as achilles issues I persistently got over the time of wearing the Nike Pegasus.

My choice of Hoka was the Clifton 4. Which at the time, felt like the best long run shoe I had ever used. My achilles issues disappeared and the only fault I could possibly give would be they sometimes caused blisters on the inside of my feet. But i would always choose the occasional blister over injury

After the Clifton 4, I used the Brooks Glycerin 17s and Nike Vomero 14s; the Brooks felt good for the first 50 ish miles but after that they felt flat. The Vomeros were a solid shoe, but in comparison to the Hoka’s, I wouldn’t even put them in the same conversation.

My most recent shoe, has blown all previous shoes out of the water. The Hoka elevon 2 seems to be the perfect mixture of cushion, support and weight.

So far, I have used this shoe for everything from; hill reps to long runs and pretty much anything in between. They are light enough to do faster runs such as tempos in and they are also the most supportive shoe I have ever ran in. Having not done 100s of miles in them yet, I can’t make a judgement on the durability of the shoe; but taking into account how long the Clifton’s lasted me, i would say its pretty good.

The main reason I love this shoe is it’s height. It feels exactly what I’d imagine the Next% to feel like if you took out the plate and made it heavier. That doesn’t sound too attractive but considering the shoe is designed for mid-long runs and not racing, I’d say its the perfect combination.

Overall, this shoe has so far been the best shoe i have ever worn for my regular day runs and it certainly holds its own against other faster training shoes when i want to run a few sessions in them.


Supportive, Bouncy, Lightweight, Fast

Cons: Slightly pricey

I bought my shoes from sports shoes, which i will provide a link for below…