Goals moving forward with On?

The main goal & most important thing is to improve as an athlete, keep learning, progressing and aim to make that step to be able to perform on the international stage regularly and consistently.
I believe the opportunities, set up & support network On provides will be integral in helping me make the next step.

The project & and long term vision that On put forward to me was incredibly exciting.
There’s some dramatic changes, big product changes & cool projects coming soon which was a big influence on me joining the On Running Team.
To be part of those & build something new, have a real input is a rare & special opportunity to which I’m determined to maximise.

On is a relatively new brand in the running scene I’m really looking forward to working closely with the team and being part of an ever growing & evolving project. It’s really cool being able to work so closely with the team at On at all levels from innovation, development through to production & marketing.

Favourite of their shoes?

My everyday mileage shoe has been the Cloud Stratus – like any shoe it took me a few runs to get used to it but I’m a big fan.

For thresholds & faster intervals on road / track I use the Cloudboom Echo. I really like this shoe especially for the faster work whether that’s 200’s or 1k’s.

Have you had a chance to try their new spike yet?

Not yet, I was fortunate enough to go out to Head Office in Zurich, the team showed me the lab, the development process and the early prototypes of the spikes, which in all honesty looked really promising at that point. I’ve heard really positive feedback from the athletes who have used them but also look at the results from the OAC over in the US who have raced in the spikes, they must be pretty good.

There’s also a shoe being teased, have you been able to try that?

There are definitely some very exciting pIans, but I’m not allowed to divulge, watch this space!!!
I’ve been lucky enough to have tried one of the new shoes, I’m sworn to secrecy, but it’s seriously impressive & I think a lot of people will be surprised by the new shoes and what On producing.

One of the big reason’s I joined On was their desire to have me & all On athletes involved and at the forefront of product development. This is a really cool & exciting project to be apart of & opportunity you don’t get with other brands.

You’ve been training away from the UK recently, is this a permanent thing?

My new base will outside the UK, again a great exciting opportunity, not just for Athletics but as a life experience, I’ve not quite mastered the language yet, but I’m gonna give it a go.

I’ll be spending more time away on camps, throughout the first half of this year we will probably be based in South Africa, then hopefully St Moritz for the summer.

One of the biggest and hardest decisions to joining On was having to change my coaching set up.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Bigg & Dan Stepney for their work over the last 4 and a half years. They’ve been a huge part in my development journey, with the high of winning British Championships a couple of years back. I really can’t thank them enough, it was a wrench to leave them, the training group and good friends, but I believe you only regret the opportunities you don’t take in life.

This is only the beginning and the tip of the iceberg, I can’t say what, or when but there are some incredible exciting plans coming soon.

Im really grateful and excited to be part of this On project.