Trackstaa takes a look at the benefits to performance of using some of the most talked about nutrition products on the market; Xendurance’s range of performance supplement products.

An effective nutrition plan, which includes eating the right foods and using supplements strategically and effectively, is vital for all athletes because it helps you maximise your training benefit, promote the necessary training adaptions, reduce the risk of injury and illness and maintain optimum body fat levels and muscle strength.

Supplements can never replace a proper diet but with the right products and used in conjunction with a diet geared towards performance optimisation, elite and aspiring athletes alike can dramatically improve performance and ensure that they consistently maintain high performance levels.

To assist you in picking the right supplements to achieve your training goals, here we discuss three of the key supplement products to benefit runners from Xendurance, tried and tested by Trackstaa.

Lactic Acid Buffer

Lactic acid is the arch nemesis of all runners, like kryptonite fells Superman, the dreaded fatigue can bring down even the strongest of runners. In the enduring fight against lactic acid, Xendurance have a developed a product called “Lactic Acid Buffer”, trusted by world class athletes since 2008.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced muscle soreness.
  • Can help mitigate cell damage and ageing caused by oxidative stress which occurs when there are imbalances between the number of a special group of molecules in the body called ‘Free Radicals’ (not the 90s pop band) and antioxidants.
  • Reduce the amount of creatine kinase in the blood which can help avoid muscle soreness and injury.
  • Can help increase your aerobic threshold.

This supplement works to reduce the effects of lactic acid which is produced as a by-product of the breakdown of bodily glucose stores during exercise.

The science shows that it starts working 48-72 hours after taking it and that consistent and regular consumption is the key to greater benefits.

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For all endurance athletes, fuelling the body, in the right way, is the key to sustained performance on race day and in the toughest training sessions. Carbohydrates are the fundamental component in your nutrition and energy strategy and in Xendurance’s ‘Fuel 5’ they’ve got 4 separate carbohydrate sources to keep your glycogen levels topped up.

Sufficient glycogen stores for endurance athletes is the vital for maintaining performance over a prolonged period and delaying the onset of fatigue, helping you run faster, further and at lesser risk of fatigue induced injury.

Mixed with water and delivered in a frankly delicious berry flavour, it can be taken before, during and after exercise. Add 1 – 2 scoops of Fuel-5 with 230ml+ of water you can enjoy:

  • A reduction in tiredness and fatigue thanks to the magnesium ingredient.
  • An increase in hydration thanks to electrolyte solutions which enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise.
  • Infusion of Vitamins B6 and B12 to assist energy production, rehydration and recovery.

To find out more and to purchase Fuel-5, click here.


Hydro is a product developed by Xendurance to assist athletes of all abilities stay hydrated all day long. Dehydration has disastrous effects on athletic performance and includes a reduction in blood volume, which can catastrophically reduce cardiac output, a limited ability to regulate body temperature and an increased rate of glycogen use.

With less sugar than traditional ‘energy drinks’, Hydro contains premium electrolytes which promotes water absorption during intense exercise thereby improving muscle performance and recovery. Hydro is great to sip on all day, comes in a delightful lemon and lime flavour and, as sweating occurs during exercise, Hydro replaces the sodium lost to target muscle cramping.

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