Trackstaa tests out and reviews the portable resistance training device ‘Ex-Belt’

In our next product review, we had the fantastic opportunity to try out the most recent addition in the easy-to-use, portable training device market, the ‘EX-BELT’.

As with all our reviews, we give our honest opinion. We are not being paid by the manufacturer to give this review but we were supplied with a device to test out and give our feedback.

What is it?

The ‘Ex-Belt’ is marketed as a ‘gym around your waist, anytime, anywhere.’ It aims to be able to replace the need for heavy gym equipment, whilst still allowing you to target the key muscle groups, through low-impact movements whilst providing huge amounts of versatility. At 200 grams, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and most importantly of all it’s a device that anyone can use, whether you’re a professional elite athlete or someone striving to get better, healthier and stronger.

You can click here to gain some advice and guidance on the way to use the Ex-Belt and some potential home workouts for you to try.

What we thought

At first, I admit, having not used products like this before, I was a bit unsure about how to use it and, indeed, what I would use it for. However, on taking it out of the packaging, one look and it’s immediately clear and obvious. It’s an intuitive product that you don’t need years of experience in the gym in order to know how to use.

Ultimately, it’s a belt that the user puts around their waist and with resistance bands attached it enables the person to simultaneously work their upper and lower body, exercising significantly more muscles than they would by ordinary running. It comes with a handy instruction card too to explain how it works and is set up.

The first time I used it for a basic easy run, I was shocked at the extent to which my upper body muscles, not just my arms, but my shoulders and back too, were being thoroughly put through the ringer in a way no ordinary run can replicate. At Trackstaa, we have regularly discussed the importance to running performance of building upper body and core strength for the maintenance of proper form whilst the body fatigues. My honest assessment is that this device could be a really useful inclusion into your weekly exercise plan to supplement running and running specific strength exercises.

It is not only for running, however, it’s the perfect alternative to traditional barbells and dumbbells. I’ve been regularly incorporating it into my strength routine to increase the difficulty of body-weight exercises such as press-ups and sit-ups including isometric core holds such as ‘superman holds’ and different versions of the plank. It is also perfect for boxercise, star jump movements to get the heart rate up, squat cleans and much more. As well as the website, the Ex-Belt Instagram page (@exbeltfitness) is packed full of inspiration on how to use your new portable home gym.

Product details

Okay, so for those all-important product details. For a new product, it’s price is surprisingly competitive at only £24.99 which includes 2 resistance bands at the ‘lighter’ tensity level. You can buy additional bands including the belt itself direct from EX-BELT, here. It also includes free delivery to UK addresses.

Trackstaa’s Verdict

So, our verdict is that this little device is absolutely perfect for those who want to add a bit of difficulty to body weight movements, increase the upper-body workout of your easier runs or just change-up your fitness routine to keep it interesting.

Its portability is incredibly useful and for athletes and individuals who travel a lot, I would highly recommend it because it’s so light. It’s competitively priced and used correctly it’s likely to last a long time. When coupled with the fact that it’s highly versatile, I struggle to think of a product which offers greater value for money.

It’s become a staple addition to my weekly routine and looks likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.