Within this workout you should have 30 seconds rest between rep sets and 1 minute rest between differing exercises.

Hanging leg raises 3×15 reps

Side Plank 3×45 seconds (Each side)

Crunches 3×15 reps

Russian twists 3×15 reps

Leg raises 3×15 reps

Plank 3×45 seconds

(If you are unable to do hanging leg raises then do v-sits instead)

Reasoning for each exercise:

Hanging leg raises – It is an unrivalled way of developing your entire abdominal region that every gym-goer would want to incorporate into their workout routine. It works all aspects of your core

Side plank – Core Strength, This pose works your core to a huge extent, Strengthens Arms and Wrists. Side Plank requires you to balance on one arm, so this is a great pose for strengthening your shoulders, wrists, and arms, Strengthens your Legs, It also improves your Balance.

Crunches – Strengthens your core muscles, which aids correct running form.

Russian twists – Strengthens your core, obliques, and spine. It’s avcore exercise that also works your balance, and stability in your spine

Leg raises – Strengthens core muscles, strengthen your lower abdominal muscles, Improves flexibility, Enhances balance and stability, Lowers risk of back injuries.

Plank – Strengthens core and improves posture. My personal favourite ab exercise!