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Adidas Takumi Sen 8 Review

Adidas has been on a complete renovation of their running shoes. Most shoe companies decide to introduce a completely new shoe when coming into the market with super shoes. But Adidas have opted to innovate their current models. Up until this point it was a 50/50 split, with many people liking the new Adidas Adios 6 and many people being very disappointed with the Adidas Boston 10. However, the new Adidas Takumi sen 8, I’m confident will convince people of Adidas’ innovation.

Straight to the point….

Can you race a 5K in the Takumi Sen 8

By can you race a 5K in the Takumi sen 8? I mean, can the takumi sen 8 hold up against the likes of the Vaporfly next% and the Asics Metaspeed Sky.

The short answer is Yes. I strongly believe the Takumi sen 8 is the best on the market for a 5K road race. For certain runners. But there’s a catch. If you’re a highly efficient runner, with good leg drive and land on your mid-foot to fore-foot, then this shoe is the perfect racer. However, If you tend to be more of a heel striker, then the higher stack height options such as Vaporfly next% and Asics Metaspeed sky are probably still a better option.

The same applies for the 10K. We’ve just seen Emile Cairess equal Sir Mo Farah’s 10K British record, whilst wearing the Takumi sen 8. However, Emile is an exceptionally efficient runner.

The Upper

Renowned shoe reviewer’s, *not mentioning any names*, seem to argue that the laces are poor quality. But in my opinion if the laces stay tied, then they do their job. I don’t really need much else from the laces. They stay tied and keep the shoe secure…

The upper itself is quite a stiff material. In a marathon shoe I would say this is a big negative because it would need to be much more breathable. However, it isn’t a marathon shoe and for the 5K and 10K distances I quite like the stiffer material because it keeps your foot more secure and the stiffness makes your stride feel faster and more natural.

The Midsole

Lightstrike pro (Adidas’s super foam) certainly packs a punch. The shoe itself feels more aggressive than other super shoes, yet also has a natural feel about it. Everything about the shoe’s midsole is perfect in my opinion. The foam and flexible rods compliment each other exactly how they should.

The rod’s flexibility also make the Takumi a great training flat for all paces from tempo to race pace. Usually in a super shoe you may run the risk of injury, constantly training with a carbon plate. The rods reduce the shoes stiffness and allows your foot to flex in a more natural way, which in turn helps keep; foot, shin and calf injuries away.

The Outsole

The only issue I have with this shoe is it’s use with continental rubber. The added weight and durability isn’t needed in a racing shoe (it’s still lighter than the Vaporfly). I know most people will see added durability as a good thing, especially if they look to train in this shoe. However, I’d rather have lighter, not as durable outsole so the fractional weight savings can make me more efficient on race day.


The rating below is one we give to every shoe so you have a better idea on the general information people look for. However, since this shoe is a racer it has lower scores in some categories. Naturally this results in a lower score. Keep in mind I think in terms of a racing and training flat alone, this shoe is at the top.

Type: Racer / Neutral
Length: True to size for me
Width: Standard
Comfort: 4/5
Cushioning: 4/5
Support: 3/5
Breathability: 3/5
Responsiveness: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Buy them here (Note we don’t get paid, nor get commission for this review).

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