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Adidas Prime X Review

The Adidas Adizero Prime X may be the best shoe I have ever worn in my entire life. That isn’t an exaggeration, I can’t think of a single shoe that outclasses this shoe for its purpose. And to get the elephant in the room out of the way, yes, it’s an extremely high stack shoe. So, for any elites out there, this shoe is illegal in World athletics races. However, that doesn’t stop 99.9% of runners being able to wear it for training and races.

To briefly go over the features; Lightstrike pro foam (Adidas’s super foam), continental rubber grip, carbon infused energy rods in the forefoot, and a carbon infused plate in the heel.

The Upper

The upper is the least exciting aspect of the Prime X. That’s because it just does exactly what you’d want it to do. I’ve had no lockdown issues whatsoever in this shoe. Also, the Celermesh 2.0 absorbs no water, so this shoe can be worn in all conditions. The laces are basic, but let’s be honest, if they stay tied, they’re doing a good enough job.

There’s weight saving in the tongue as strips are cut towards the front of the foot. This narrowed tongue also prevents slipping, which is usually a common issue in super shoes.

Buy The Adidas Prime X (UK)

Buy The Adidas Prime x (USA)

The Midsole

By far the best midsole of any shoe I have ever worn. Firstly, Lightstrike pro foam condensing with this much stack height feels amazing underfoot. It is exactly how you’d expect 50mm of super foam to feel. There is a perfect combination of energy return and cushion, which reduces impact, whilst still creating a great push forward. The cushion is a key component for me with considerations of recovery and injury prevention. I strongly believe this shoe will help you be more recovered after a session or race.

The carbon infused plates and rods aren’t obvious. I say that as a good thing because I’ve started to notice more and more discomfort of the unnatural push of carbon in some super shoes. The prime x’s stack height hides all the discomfort of this and all you get is a shoe that feels super-efficient. There’s no aggravation of the calves.

The Outsole

The Continental rubber is a huge win for me in this shoe. It adds to the durability, which I’m predicting to be well over double the durability of other super shoes. As shoe reviewer Eddbudd said in his review of the Adidas Prime X, it gets better the more you run in it.

Like the Upper, nothing is quite as outstanding as the midsole, but the outsole does exactly what you want. Great grip and great durability.

Who should buy this shoe?


I’m not joking, I seriously think you’d all benefit hugely from using this shoe within your rotation. Unless you struggle with stability, because as you can imagine, a 50mm stack shoe is unstable. But for everyone else, go get this shoe! Its versatility is on par with the Saucony Endorphin speed, in fact I feel more comfortable running at an easy pace in this shoe, than any of my mileage shoes.  

Certainly, if you’re a high mileage runner, the prime x would be of extreme use. The impact reduction really helps the legs get ready for your next workout. Also, any worries of this shoe making it too easy, a counter I have for that is the extra weight outweighs any major benefits in comparison to other supershoes. Because of this, I believe the performance remains very similar to its Nike and Asics competitors, but with extra leg saving capabilities.

The Negatives

That’s it. The shoe is amazing.

Buy The Adidas Prime X (UK)

Buy The Adidas Prime x (USA)

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